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Top Pops
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Canadian Pops toy collector Top Pops has a YouTube channel devoted to the collection. On his channel, Top Pops has amassed thousands of subscribers.

Early Life

Tristan is his true name, and he was born on July 13, 2002. Canada is the home of Top Pops. By 2022, Tristan will be age 21 and under the sign of Cancer. Melissa is the name of his mother. And Noah is the name of his brother. Additionally, there is no information on his educational background. He might, however, have completed high school at his age.


July 2014 marked the beginning of the Top Pops' Pops collection. Three months after that, he started his channel. Consequently, on October 29, 2014, he launched his YouTube channel. On his channel, he had a show called "Guess That Price." He gathered Pops that resembled real-life superstars. Conan O'Brien was featured in one of the photos he gathered. Additionally, Noah, his brother, edits his videos.

Similar to this, some of the most popular videos include "FREE VBUCKS! " and "Top 10 Most Expensive Funko Pops of 2018." The entire line of Toy Story 4 Funko Pops reviewed, "Fortnite Funko Pop Code Mystery Revealed," "My Full 2018 Funko Pop Collection | 600+ Pops," "What's Inside A Funko Pop | 1000° Knife VS Funko," "Top 5 Pops That Don't Look Like Pops," "Crazy Chase Pops Hidden at Walmart," and many other topics were covered.

Additionally, Tristan has a second YouTube channel called "Top Pops Two." This channel focuses exclusively on evaluating pops. The first version of it was made on October 29, 2014. 'Eating The Weirdest Cereals We Could Find! (Pop-Tarts, Twinkies, Jolly Ranchers)', 'Every Pokemon Funko Pop and Where to Buy Them!', 'Pokemon Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box Opening | We Found A Secret Rare!', 'Kevin With Up House Funko Pop Review!', 'WE PULLED A RAINBOW SECRET RARE POKEMON!!!', and many others.

Relationship Status and Networth

Regarding his private life, Top Pops has never been married and is not currently dating anyone. He keeps things to himself. He hasn't openly dated anyone, though, and is instead concentrating on his career. He would undoubtedly find the ideal partner for him in the future. He is currently concentrating on his profession and skill development as a result. He is currently single, too.

Tristan has never been interested in gossip or controversy. He has always avoided speculations that could be damaging to his profession. He thus projects a positive image in both his personal and professional lives.

This young person's YouTube career has helped him become well-known. He will undoubtedly make a respectable sum of money from it. He is thought to be worth roughly $270,000, though. He also has a range of merchandise.

Body Measurement and Social Media

Tristan has kept up his good physical condition. He hasn't disclosed any information about his physique measurements. He does, however, have an average height and weight that match his body type. Additionally, he has blonde hair and light brown eyes. Tristan has a wonderful disposition.

Top Pops uses a variety of social networking sites frequently. His Instagram account, @toppopsyt, has more than 42K followers. He has more than 3K followers on Twitter, where he is also active. Tristan has also amassed over 218K subscribers to his primary channel, "Top Pops." The number of subscribers to his second channel, Top Pops Two, is above 14.9K.

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