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Quick Facts of  Thomas James Ridgewell
Thomas James Ridgewell
Date of Birth:
Birth Place:
Essex, England
Net Worth:
$1.2 million
In relationship
Marital Status:
Social Media of : Thomas James Ridgewell
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TomSka, also known as Thomas James Ridgewell on social media, is an English YouTuber, filmmaker, director, screenwriter, and actor. More than 5.8 million people subscribe to TomSka's YouTube channel, which has received close to 1.4 billion views so far. His videos tend to be hilarious in nature, and he also produces several web series. Some of his most well-liked YouTube videos include the cartoon series "Crash Zoom" and his web series "asdfmovie." Additionally, TomSka has contributed to the creation of short films for BBC and Comedy Central. He also owns the websites "CakeBomb" for his animated series and "Turbopunch Ltd.," which produces media.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

At 32 years old, TomSka In Essex, England, on June 27, 1990, he was born under the astrological sign of Cancer. Thomas James Ridgewell is the man's real name. The names of his parents are also unknown. Amelia, his identical twin sister, also passed away before birth when their mother was hurt in a vehicle accident. This is shown by his name (Thomas meaning twin).
He was also raised as a Jehovah's Witness but no longer adheres to that religion. He has expressed faith in a superior force despite this. He began producing kid-sized movies with his parents' video camera. He later developed CakeBomb, a website where he uploaded his video works. Along with his friend Edd Gould's Eddsworld, he also featured his popular animated video series asdfmovie.

His academic history includes a degree from the University of Lincoln. While he was a student, he produced a number of unauthorized "advertisements" for the university that attracted millions of views. He studied media production.

Professional Life

YouTuber, producer, director, writer, actor, voice actor, musician, and filmmaker TomSka is also a filmmaker. As of June 2020, his YouTube channel had over 6.36 million subscribers. 1.6 billion people have seen his videos. He makes money by charging for his YouTube videos. The media production company TurboPunch Ltd. was co-founded by Tom Ridgewell.

In 2014, he developed KatataK, an iOS, and Android side-scrolling shooter. He debuted Crash Zoom, a brand-new webcomic, on his YouTube channel in 2015.

Net Worth

The multi-talented British YouTuber, author, and producer Ridgewell has amassed a respectable income from his varied endeavors. As a result, as of March 2022, TomSka's net worth is predicted to be around $1.2 million. He also surely leads a prosperous and content life as a result of his success and notoriety in the entertainment sector.

Relationship Status

In January 2015, Ridgewell started seeing illustrator Charlie Belle. She is also active on Instagram and YouTube. Together, the duo looks gorgeous. On their own social media sites, they also post images of the pair together. They've been together for around five years, and their lovely relationship seems to have a promising future.

In terms of prior relationships, he dated Jenny Bingham, a fellow YouTuber, for over two years. Similar to this, he backed the Labour Party in the 2017 British general election. He has also expressed his opposition to the Conservative Party and Brexit.

Ridgewell has also avoided significant scandals or rumors in both his personal and business lives. He has maintained a prominent online presence.

Body Measurement and Social Media

The attractive 30-year-old male is about 5 feet 10 inches tall. He carries around 124 kilograms. He is donning glasses. Likewise, he has stunning blue eyes and blonde hair.
TomSka is active on a number of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. He is known as @darksquidge and has about 175k followers on Instagram. He also has over 216k Facebook fans and 468.6k Twitter followers. TomSka, his main YouTube channel, has more than 7.17 million subscribers, while DarkSquidge, his secondary channel, has more than 1.13 million. He also sells goods under his own brand.

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