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Timmy Thick

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Quick Facts of  Timmy Thick
Timmy Thick
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New York City, NY
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Social Media of : Timmy Thick
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Instagram star and a social media influencer, Timmy Thick. Timmy Thick is well-known for sharing photos on Twitter and Instagram, among other social media sites. By posting films and selfies to his Instagram account, he significantly increased the number of followers he had.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

Timmy Thick was born in New York City, USA, on August 21, 2002. Age 22 is what he is. He is well-known online, especially on YouTube and Instagram, though he is also active on other social networking sites.

He has hidden his real name, although he is only known by a pseudonym, though some reports claim that his real name is Justin. Even if this is correct, his last name is unknown. Timmy has been very private about his early life, including the names of his parents and whether or not he has any siblings. The same is true for his education. Hopefully, more information like this and others will emerge soon, allowing us to learn more about Timmy’s life before he became famous.


In 2016, he launched his Instagram account and started posting videos of himself twerking and provocative images. His physical appearance drew attention, and he made every effort to increase the number of individuals who visited his page. His enemies, who complained about the internet information he uploaded, took down his official page, which had had over 40,000 followers. When Timmy made the controversial claim that "Timmy Thick" was just a Harvard experiment in early 2018, it was highly improbable given that he is still only 16 years old. Timmy then decided to fight back, reopening his Instagram page and also starting a Twitter page, where he gained thousands of new followers.

His page was quickly taken down, but he has since restored it. He still only has approximately 2,000 followers on Twitter, though. Even though Timmy continues to be one of the most contentious online personalities, he is still loved and hated almost equally, but this has only benefited him financially.


Timmy became pretty wealthy because of his internet fame. He had over 40,000 followers on his official social media profiles before he made the decision to stop using the internet. Reliable sources claim that Thick's net worth as of 2022 might reach $30,000, with a yearly income of almost $15,000. As he successfully pursues his job in the years to come, his fortune will definitely rise.

Relationship Status

All we know about Timmy is his promiscuous personality, which he has brought attention to himself through provocative images and videos. Timmy has kept most of his role very private. He has been called androgynous and wears female clothing. He still keeps his sexuality, whether gay or straight, a secret when it comes to dating, and there is no proof that he has ever dated either a female or a male partner. Hopefully, he will find the answer to this enigma soon.

Body Measurement

Timmy is quite small and has a relatively thick lower portion, which has many people wondering about his body type. He stands at 5 feet, or 1.52 meters, and weighs about 105 lb (48kg). His exact bodily measurements are still a mystery. Despite having brown eyes and hair in his natural state, he frequently dons wigs.

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