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Popular stay-at-home mother and YouTube vlogger Britneyandbaby shares family vlogs on her own website. Additionally, Britneyandbaby has a personal YouTube channel where he posts films on funny subjects including DIYs, motherhood, fashion, and beauty.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

August 4, 1993, saw the birth of Britney Marie. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was born, before moving to Ohio when she was eight. Leo was Britney's zodiac sign at birth, and she is 28 years old. Her grandma, aunt, and other relatives appear in her videos.

Her father's name is Keith, and Michelle is the name of his mother. She has a sister named Alyssa as well. She hasn't yet made her career history public.


Marie launched her first YouTube channel on August 19, 2011. The channel's previous name was BEplus3, however, it was later changed to Britneyandbaby. Since the beginning of the channel, she has frequently posted videos of her family life. Her personal life as well as the lives of her three children, Nolan Luca, Aria Marie, and Harlow Avery, are highlighted in these films. They demonstrate her commitment to them as a stay-at-home mother.

She began vlogging in August 2011 at the age of 9 weeks pregnant with her first boy. She frequently updates her followers about her birth. Besides family vlogs, the YouTuber's channel has a variety of food-related programs. This channel offers a wealth of information to assist you in making delicious food products for yourself and your children, from baking recipes to instructions on "how to" make baby food.

Additionally, Britneyandbaby has a personal YouTube channel called Britney Marie, which has now been renamed "More With Morrows." The channel offers a wide variety of content, including articles about motherhood, fashion, DIY, problems, and beauty. At this time, the channel has over 122K viewers.


Social Media and Networth

How much money does Britneyandbaby make? She has a large following on social media. Her Instagram account @britneyandbaby has more than 157K followers. Over 445K people subscribe to Britneyandbaby's main YouTube channel, britneyandbaby. More Of Morrows, her YouTube channel, has over 122K subscribers. Likewise, she has over 54.7K followers on Twitter. Over 20,000 people follow her Facebook profile. She continues to use Snapchat, where she is known as @britneyandbaby.

This well-known social media personality could become very wealthy. Similar to him, she has gained notoriety and a sizable fan base. As of 2022, she still has a $1 million net worth.

Relationship Status

Recently, Britney worked with "Ean BEplus3." Aria Marie, Harlow Avery, and Nolan Luca are the three kids she has with him. In 2018, she started dating Frank Morrow, and the following year, they got married. The couple is expecting their second child together and already has a daughter named Scarlett. They are happy with the lives they lead and the ones their kids lead.

Body Measurement

Britney is a lovely young woman with a beautiful attitude. She measures 5 feet 8 inches in height and 67 kg in weight. Her chest-to-waist-to-hip measurements are 34-26-35 cm. She wears shoes in a size 6 and a bra size 32C. (UK). With brown hair and eyes, Britney is a brunette. She enjoys athletics as well. Her body is still secure and healthy as a result.

American fashion designer, YouTuber, singer, dancer, and video blogger Bethany Mota. Because of her work as a video blogger, Bethany Mota has achieved enormous fame.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

Tammy and Tony Mota welcomed Bethany into the world in Merced County, California, in the United States. She was reared by her parents in California together with her older sister Brittany after being born on November 7, 1995.

Her ethnicities are Mexican and Portuguese, and she is an American national. When it comes to Mota's educational background, she spent three years at a public school but completed the majority of her coursework at home because she was homeschooled.

She experienced cyberbullying during her teenage years, which was one of the factors in her decision to homeschool.


When Bethany Mota started posting videos on YouTube at the age of 13, it marked the beginning of her professional life. She provides fashion and beauty advice for kids, which has helped her grow her subscriber base to over 9.98 million, which is an impressive number for a YouTuber.

She competed in Dancing With The Stars in 2014 after finding fame as a YouTuber and a video blogger. She also won the Teen Choice Award for Most Popular Female Web Star and the Streamy Award for Best Fashion Show.

Personal Life and Networth

The current consensus is that Bethany Mota is single. She has been in an open relationship with American dancer Dominic Sandoval since 2016. At the beginning of 2013, she dated Ryan Potter. But they dispersed.

She launched her own clothing brand at Aeropostale in 2015 in addition to her work as a dancer and YouTuber. She now has a net worth of $7 million as of 2022 thanks to her abilities and appearances. Her pay will undoubtedly be very substantial.

Body Measurement and Social Media

The height and weight of Bethany Mota are 5 feet 4 inches and 53 kilograms, respectively. 34-25-34 inches are her physical measurements. She has brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Bethany has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On Facebook, she has close to 1.6 million subscribers.

She has 4.9 million followers on Twitter, 5.22 million on Instagram, and over 9.98 million subscribers on YouTube.

Amberry is an English gamer and YouTube YouTuber. For her YouTube channel, she typically produces material with a Roblox multiplayer game platform theme.

Amberry's creative idea of combining gaming with vlogging has allowed her to amass a sizeable following on social media. Although she produces vlogs, they are presented with a Roblox theme. Amberry initially produced a series of regular vlogs before exposing her identity once her channel reached a certain subscriber threshold. After she revealed her face, her fan base increased.

Amberry frequently works along with her younger sister, a well-known "Roblox" gamer and vlogger. On each other's YouTube accounts, the "Roblox" sisters have appeared in a number of videos. Amberry uses other social media sites less frequently.

Childhood and Personal Life

Amberry was born in England on June 16, 1996. She is Pheoberry's elder by four years. Olive is the daughter of Amberry. Olive has been mentioned in a handful of Amberry's "YouTube" videos, but she hasn't yet shown her face. Amberry was romantically involved with Richerry, a Roblox player.


Amberry started her gaming career on YouTube, a social media platform. On March 31, 2017, she started her YouTube channel. In May of that same year, she posted her debut video, titled "BOYFRIEND VS GIRLFRIEND IN FASHION FRENZY | ROBLOX." The channel has a Roblox section. Amberry creates her "Roblox" games and then shows off how to play them in vlogs. Her videos are typically amusing vlogs like "get ready with me," "storytime," and trip diaries, but they are presented with a Roblox theme. She uses the "Roblox" characters she makes for her channel's material to relate her experiences. Even her sister Phoeberry participated in a Q&A video she made. They played their own "Roblox" avatars as they responded to questions from her admirers.

Amberry's distinctive style of vlogging has helped her gain a sizable following and advance both as a player and vlogger. Her channel contains a few videos that have received millions of views. One of them is "UNDERCOVER NOOBS | NOOB VS PRO | ROBLOX SOCIAL EXPERIMENT," another is "DANCE YOUR BLOX OFF HIP HOP DUO ROUTINE in Roblox | Hip hop Freestyle | Funny Moments," another is "EVERYDAY ROUTINE AT AMBERRY COFFEE SHOP | Bloxburg | Roblox Roleplay," and another is "CHRISTMAS EVE FAMILY ROUTINE The two most popular videos on the channel are "SHE KEEPS COPYING ME! | Roblox Fashion Frenzy | Funny Moments" and "EVERYDAY ROUTINE AS A PRINCESS AT ROYALE HIGH SCHOOL | Roblox Roleplay," which have each had over two million views.

Face Reveal

Amberry created a "face reveal" video for her fans, who had been begging her to disclose her face, to celebrate her milestone of having amassed 100,000 members on the channel. The stunning gamer maintained her word and didn't let her followers down. She received a lot of praise for her appearance once the "face reveals" video was released.

Unfortunately, she has not yet developed the same fan base on her other social media platforms as she has on "YouTube." She shares an Instagram page with her sister Phoeberry as well as a Twitter account. There are no games on the combined Instagram page, "amberryphoeberry."


"SHE KEEPS COPYING ME! | Roblox Fashion Frenzy | Funny Moments" and "EVERYDAY ROUTINE AS A PRINCESS AT ROYALE HIGH SCHOOL | Roblox Roleplay" were her first videos to reach 1 million views. Additionally, she and her sister Phoeberry ran a joint Instagram account with the user name amberryphoeberry.

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