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Former prominent Russian test pilot from the Soviet era, Magomed Tolboyev. As a test pilot for the Buran space shuttle, Magomed Tolboyev first attracted the attention of the general public. He has experience with both military and civil planes in Russia. He is an athlete as well, similarly.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

On January 20, 1951, Megomed Tolboyev was born in the Russian Dagestani town of Sogratl. He is 71 years old and a citizen of Russia. Additionally, he is an Aquarius by astrological sign.

His father is Omar Magomedovich, and his mother is Djamgarat Alievna. Likewise, Megomed's father was a chauffeur and his mother worked on the communal farm. He also has Taygib's older brother, who was also recognized as a Russian Hero. Additionally, he has four other siblings: Hadizhat Abduzhalilova, Ali Tolboyev, Ahmed Tolboyev, and Shey Magomed Tojiboyev. He comes from the Avar family, too.


In terms of his training and credentials, Magomed Tolboyev attended the Yeisk Higher Military School of Pilots as an EVVAL cadet and graduated in 1973. He afterward attended a variety of educational facilities. He also majored in system engineering while attending Moscow Aviation Institute's (MAI) evening program in 1984.

Additionally, he finished a training program at the Cosmonaut Training Center and graduated from the Higher School of Social Sciences (Higher Party School) in the CB Group in Germany. Additionally, he majored in Russian history throughout his two years of graduate study at the People's Friendship University. He is also a contender for the social sciences and the humanities.

Professional Life

Since 1969, Magomed Tolboyev has served in the Soviet Army. Additionally, since 1973, the Soviet Union's air force pilot. He also served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany and the Air Force of the Odesa Military District's fighter aviation. He oversaw a section of the parachute training program. Similar to this, the Schoolstest pilots MAP USSR sent him to the LII after he graduated in the year 1981, and since the year 1984, he has been the captain of the spaceship "Buran," earning him the title of test cosmonaut.

He piloted combat aircraft like the MiG-25, MiG-29, Su-24, and others while working as a test pilot. He also worked with a variety of brand-new experimental and sporting aircraft, which he analyzed and flew for the first time. In addition, he was able to resolve a number of issues with aviation equipment as a result of his testing and flying activities, including the creation of air combat techniques. Additionally, unexpected circumstances regularly arose during his flight training, but he always managed to emerge from them honorably.

Megomed Tolboyev joined the LII's cosmonaut corps and completed his training at the Yu.A. Gagarin Pilot-Cosmonaut Training Center. Additionally, during this training, unusual practice flights took place. In addition, he spent a number of years competing for the USSR national team in aviation sports. In 2002, he co-founded "CPC" ("Conversion technologies of space").


Omarovich Tolboev received a nomination for People's Deputies of the RSFSR in 1990. He fell short of receiving the required amount of votes, though. He also stood up to defend the White House during the putsch a year later. Similarly, he came close to winning the presidency of the Republic of Dagestan by running in the election and finishing second.

After earning his degree from Peoples Friendship University in 1993, he got involved in politics. He served as a State Duma deputy for the first convocation in 1995. The Committee on Industry, Construction, Transport, and Energy also elects him as vice-chairman. Similarly, from 1996 to 1998, Tolboev held the position of secretary for the Republic of Dagestan's security council. Additionally, he performed extensive work to stop military operations in Dagestan while serving in this capacity.

Additionally, he was a part of the group "New Regional Policy" and was presented with the idea of putting an end to the Chechen war in 1996. (NPF). Later on, he took part in the founding of a new faction called "Stability." In addition, Tolboyev served as a delegate to the Dagestan Constitutional Assembly in 1994, and in 2012, he was chosen as a presidential candidate's confidant.


Magomed Tolboyev was deserving of several honorific designations, including Hero of Russia and recipient of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. He was given the title of Hero of Russia in 1992 by presidential decree for his bravery and heroism in testing aviation equipment. Similarly, Tolboev is a candidate for historical sciences, an honorary test pilot of the Russian Federation, and a military pilot of the third class.

Additionally, Tolboyev received the Order of the Red Banner of Labor honor in 1989. Then, in 2006, he earned his doctorate in historical sciences and was promoted to reserve colonel. He was also given the honorary title of "Honored Worker of Transport of Russia" in 2011. Tolboyev also holds the Republic of Dagestan's Order of Merit.

Net Worth

None of Magomed Tolboyev's social media accounts are his. He, therefore, doesn't use social media. Speaking about his earnings and income, popular estimates that he has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Relationship Status

Lyubov Tolboyeva was wed to Magomed Tolboyev. Two of their daughters and one son make up their three children. Marina, the eldest child, attended school in London and earned her degree from the Metropolitan University there. The son, Ruslan, is also a shareholder in a variety of businesses and serves as CEO of the two companies. Additionally, Natalia, the second daughter, is a fashion designer.

Additionally, the couple got to know one another when he joined the Yeisk school's cadet program. He was exercising at the time in Taganrog. Additionally, they employed Lubov Vasilyevna, a native Cossack lady who would become his wife, in the garrison. Furthermore, they got married in 1977, a year after they met.

Body Measurement and Social Media

It is currently unknown what Magomed Tolboyev's height, weight, chest size, and other bodily dimensions are. And Tolboyev's measurements are still being examined in their entirety. He also has green eyes and brown hair that is gradually turning white.

Talking about his social media, he is not often active on social media as it seems that he wants to keep it private.

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