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Nara Pellman is an Instagram model. She is best known for her fashion, travel, and lifestyle content. On the other hand, she is well-known as the wife of Lucky Blue Smith. Lucky, her husband is an American model, musician, and actor.

Early Life and Childhood

The Instagram sensation was born in Germany on September 27, 2001. Nara Pellman is 21 years old and of German nationality as of 2022. According to the astrological chart, she is of mixed ethnicity and was born under the sign of Libra. Nara's parents, biological siblings, and educational background are unknown as of 2022.

Professional life

Pellman has worked as a model for several agencies. She has, however, achieved enormous fame and recognition as Lucky Blue Smith's partner. Talking about him, Lucky and his three sisters were scouted in Utah when he was only ten years old. He began his modeling career at the age of 12 after being signed by Next Management.

His breakthrough came after he dyed his hair platinum blonde, as recommended by his agent. This choice altered everything. At 12, he did his first photo shoot for Vogue. Teen Magazine named him Model of the Year in 2015. He also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that year.

He has also walked the runways for high-end brands such as Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Etro, Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, and others. He played Bridger Jenkins in the 2016 film 'Love Everlasting.' He is also a member of the band The Atomics. He is the band's drummer.


Nara Pellman's net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand. Her exact earnings and income have not yet been disclosed. Aside from that, her husband's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2022.

Relationship status

Nara Pellman and her husband, Lucky Blue Smith, are happily married. On February 1, 2020, they exchanged marital vows on a romantic beachside. His family and a few close friends were present at the ceremony. The couple began dating in November 2019 and got engaged a month later.In terms of their children, they have a daughter named Rumble Honey who was born on October 7, 2020 and a son named Slim Easy who was born on January 6, 2022.

Body measurement

The Instagram star is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs around 58 kg. Her body measurements are also 32-23-36 inches. That means her bust is 32 inches, waist is 23 inches, and hips are 36 inches. Her facial features include brown hair, brown eyes, and a brown complexion.

Social media

As a famous model, she is very active on social media like on Instagram with 331k followers and on youtube with 68.1k subscribers.


A social media influencer residing in the US is named Paris Anderson. A well-known Instagram model and Tiktok video creator, Paris Anderson. She is also well known for being Tanner Braungardt's girlfriend.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

Paris Anderson, who is currently nineteen years old, was born on November 19, 2001. His sign is Scorpio. Paris, on the other hand, is a citizen of the United States and was born in Augusta, a city in Butler County in the Midwest US state of Kansas. She is Caucasian and Christian, and she belongs to the same racial and religious groups. As a social media user, Pairs is fairly private and reserved about her private life. She has also kept a lot of information about her family and parents private. Paris has two siblings as well. Of her two brothers and sisters, she is the oldest. She shares a family with Hunter Anderson and Cali Marie Anderson.

When it comes to her own interests, Paris enjoys watching movies, and her go-to activity is Netflix. The Walking Dead is also her all-time favorite television program. In a similar vein, she hopes to soon buy a Pink Ferrari. Paris defines her personal fashion as being fairly sloppy and tom-boyish. Similarly, she owns numerous crop tops, which are her favored item of clothing. Pairs also hold a high school diploma. However, there is no information available regarding the school from which she received her degree.

Career and Networth

Paris is an Instagram model with experience. However, she became well-known for being Tanner Braungardt's ex-girlfriend, a well-known YouTuber, and an internet sensation. Similarly, even when she was dating Tanner, Paris was a camera-shy young lady. Similar to this, Paris created her own online identity before meeting Tanner by starting a YouTube channel and an Instagram account.

Paris was also featured in several of Tanner's videos as a result of her relationship with him. Similar to how it took time for her to come out of her shell and become a self-assured, camera-friendly young woman. She appeared in numerous of his videos over the years, and viewers observed her change as time went on. Likewise, this helped and inspired her to become well-known on her own, and her Instagram account featured some amusing images and videos.

When it comes to her achievements and net worth, Paris is a social media star. In a similar vein, she rose to fame as the girlfriend of an online celebrity. As of 2022, Paris Anderson has a net worth of around $2 million.

Relationship Status

Paris is in a relationship and is straight. Duke Lichlyter is the man she's dating right now. Despite the fact that she and Tanner Braungardt were once in a relationship and gained notoriety together, they are no longer together. Likewise, Paris and Tanner started dating in December 2016. Due to their reclusive personalities, they first kept their relationship a secret. They also wanted to decide whether they wanted to stay together or not. They progressively shared more information about their relationship, and Paris started to appear on his YouTube channel more frequently.

However, things started to go south and change in their relationship. In the middle of 2017, they started to drift apart. Tanner, who was already well-known on YouTube at the time, also tweeted about how his demanding career was interfering with his personal life. Then Paris stopped using social media and canceled her accounts. In addition, much to her surprise, she unexpectedly rose to quite a level of fame after her comeback. As a result, Paris reactivated her social media accounts.

Body Measurement

Unfortunately, there is currently no information in the media about her physical characteristics, including height, weight, and vital signs. Similar to this adorable Instagram star, she has a slim build. She also has blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and light skin.

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