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Olivia Duffin

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Quick Facts of  Olivia Duffin
Olivia Duffin
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Manchester, England
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A British singer and TikTok video maker, Olivia Duffin. Olivia Duffin has a big following on Instagram, where she is extremely well-known.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

On August 8, 2000, Olivia Duffin was born in Manchester's Stepping Hill Hospital in England. In 2020, she will turn 20 years old. The full name of Olivia Nicole Duffin is Olivia Nicole Duffin. She has a sister named Jade and four brothers named Aaron, Sebastien, Zachary, and Jacob. Of her three sisters, she is the third oldest. She is British and of Sicilian-British ancestry.

Since she was little, she has been interested in and passionate about acting, dancing, and singing. She garnered a lot of praise and recognition as she got older for her outstanding work and dedication to the cause she had always been dedicated to. Nothing further is known about her upbringing or parents. She has also kept her academic background a secret. She has a college degree, though details aren't available.


Olivia likes to share acting, cosmetics and beauty tutorials, and singing covers and impressions. She enjoys singing, as does her TikTok pal Leon Zellers. She has been an apprentice at Terence Paul Hairdressers before.

Currently, she publishes a wide range of videos on all of her social media channels. She is moreover one of the popular and gifted TikTok stars. She has established a strong and expanding career that has brought her both fame and wealth.

In a short amount of time, she has gathered a sizable following and fan base. For her extraordinary talent and work, she has attained a tremendous degree of renown, admiration, and recognition.

Her resemblance to American singer Ariana Grande, who has millions of admirers, is another factor in her appeal.

On February 13, 2016, Olivia also created her own YouTube account. Niki and Gabi- First (Official Music Video), which she titled "Niki and Gabi- First (Official Music Video)," was published by her on January 3, 2017.

In her YouTube videos, her lover has also made an appearance. In the video captioned "Doing my Boyfriend's Makeup Challenge with James Essex #HeySisters," Olivia applies her boyfriend's makeup.


She has not been honored or nominated. Nevertheless, she has won over thousands of supporters, and her fan base is still expanding. She unquestionably earned a large sum of money from her well-liked TikTok videos. She may be earning a decent income as well because her career is strong and expanding. But she hasn't yet disclosed her true earnings or net worth.

Relationship Status

She is well-known, thus her private and romantic life is often in the news. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, James Essex. On her Instagram account, she routinely posts pictures of herself with her lover. They get along well and are in a good relationship. She had a turbulent two-and-a-half-year relationship with Liam Casey prior to this one. Somehow, the text messages between Olivia and Liam were leaked. In them, Olivia sent harsh words in response to Liam's discussion of his bisexual status. People charged Olivia with harboring anti-bi sentiment and fomenting animosity as a result.

Body Measurement

She has dark brown eyes, and she routinely highlights and dyes her dark brown hair. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs approximately 54 kilograms. Her physical characteristics are unknown. She is a social media sensation with a sizable fan base and is quite active on these platforms. As of 2020, she had approximately 93.3 million likes on her @olivianduffin TikTok account.

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