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Mikey Murphy

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Quick Facts of  Mikey Murphy
Mikey Murphy
Date of Birth:
Birth Place:
New Jersey, USA
Mother Name:
Monica Murphy
Father Name:
Michael Murphy
Net Worth:
$1 million
In relationship
Marital Status:
Social Media of : Mikey Murphy
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A well-known American YouTuber with a personal channel is Mikey Murphy. Over 1.73 million people subscribe to Mikey Murphy's YouTube channel, which was once known as MikeIsAverage.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

The age of Mikey Murphy is 22. He was given the astrological sign of Taurus upon birth on May 12, 1998, in New Jersey. Michael Murphy is his father, while Monica Murphy is his mother. His real name at birth is Michael J. Murphy. His father is an occupational therapist at a special school for children, and his mother is a nurse. His parents are both employed by a special education school for kids.

He also has a sister named Sydney who is younger. He and she are two years apart in age. These two siblings did not get along well as siblings, as he mentions in one of his vlogs. They are, however, fully supportive of one another at this stage. He spent a lot of time practicing karate as well. Before the age of one, he started speaking.

Additionally, Mikey started a YouTube account for a school project when he was a high school student. Even his high school peers were very critical of him for it, and when nothing changed, he was eventually compelled to quit. He is not angry, though, because he was able to establish a name for himself on YouTube.


Mikey received a lot of criticism from his peers when he first launched the channel for his school assignment, which ultimately led him to leave out of school. That didn't stop him from following his ambition to become a YouTube star or actor. On his channel, he enjoyed social connections, as he mentions in one of his videos. At the Playlist Live event, he later met Luke Korn, who also runs the UncleKornicob YouTube channel.

The two of them went on to collaborate on a number of videos, including challenges and practical jokes. Following his relocation to Los Angeles, Mikey began working with Jonah Green and is now represented by agencies such as Big Frame and Creative Artists Agency. He now has more than 1.6 million subscribers to his channel.


Mikey creates content that is suitable for most age groups despite being younger than most YouTube stars. He claims in his Draw My Life video that he began walking and talking before he turned one year old, which may explain why he is old enough to provide reliable and well-liked content.

Mikey wasn't a professional when he first began sharing films of his daily life with viewers online, but he has now developed a skill for producing highly imaginative content using cutting-edge camera angles. Additionally, he is known to collaborate with consumer goods firms like BurgerKing and M&Ms.


Regarding Mikey Murphy's income, he is a well-known YouTube celebrity who has accumulated a sizeable wealth through his online work. On his YouTube channel with the same name, he has 45k subscribers. He makes money from his additional work as well. His estimated net worth as a result is about $1 million.

Relationship Status

Mikey Murphy is dating Olivia, according to his relationship status. She is a prominent YouTube personality. Their relationship began on January 22, 2019. The couple posted pictures of themselves on social media. They are a charming and beautiful couple.

He once dated Griffin Arnlund, a prominent Instagram user. The relationship, which had been going since September 2015, came to an end in the fourth quarter of 2016. Additionally, they appeared regularly in their YouTube videos.

In addition, while being active on social media, he has maintained a professional image and has not been associated with any sort of questionable behavior or rumors.

Body Measurement

Mikey Murphy, a beautiful hunk of 22 years old, has nice looks. He measures 5 feet 6 inches in height and 65 kg in weight. He also has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Additionally, there is no information on his other physical characteristics, such as his dress and shoe sizes, among others.

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