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Quick Facts of  FlightReacts
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Washington D. C. USA
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Clarence Javelli, better known by his stage name Flightreacts, is well-known on YouTube for his animated and animated reactions to various videos, particularly the NBA in real life and the NBA-based videogames NBA 2k and NBA Live.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

He has collected 2.23 million and 3.97 million subscribers to his two Youtube accounts, NotYourAverageFlight and FlightReacts, respectively. Because of the zeal and energy, he displays in his films, which are entertaining, he has a large following.

Fightreacts was founded in Washington, D.C., on August 7, 1995. He will be 24 years old by June 2020. As of right now, he has kept his parents' and any siblings' identities a secret.

Clarence is an American citizen and belongs to the African-American ethnic group. By revealing that he was raised in Palm Beach, Florida, where he still resides now, he has also provided some insight into his early years.


It seems that making a living off of Youtube was not what Flight has in mind during the start of his career. In the beginning, he was working in the fast-food industry and only uploaded videos of him playing basketball in real life and in video games as a distraction from his anger issues and depression. But, along with time, his videos started gaining a lot of attention and when he saw that he could easily make a living off of Youtube, he began making videos seriously.

Currently, Flight has two Youtube channels with 3.97 million and 2.23 million subscribers, respectively: FlightReacts and NotYourAverageFlight. His posts typically have a basketball theme, whether it be NBA in real life, basketball challenges, NBA video games, or anything similar.

His zeal, joy, and energy have kept both of his channels current, and even now, it appears that his subscriber count is rising.


As of 2022, Flightreacts is believed to have a net worth of $900,000. He acquired this wealth primarily from his Youtube videos as well as through the promotion of goods on the platform and through other social media.

Because there are so many factors to consider, it can be challenging to determine an individual YouTuber's compensation. However, several estimates indicate that Flight, with an average of 120 000 views per video on his channel, would bring in roughly 180 000 dollars per year from ad revenue. However, this figure is only an estimate, and Flight's pay may actually be higher.

Relationship Status

When it comes to his private life, Flighreacts has maintained a rather low profile. He is now single.

He's been in two previous partnerships. One was between 2017 and 2018 with the rapper Ti Taylor. He also dated Ariel Diaz, another YouTuber, with whom he worked on videos while they were still dating. He has never been married and never had kids.

Body Measurement and Social Media

The current height and weight of Flight are 6 feet 3 inches and 71 kg, respectively. He has some really amazing tattoos that have significantly altered his body. His eyes are dark brown, and he has black hair.

active on social media platforms is flight reacts. He has a sizable following on Twitter and Instagram, where he spends much of his time. Using Instagram, he also advertises a few goods and earns a little cash. Currently, Clarence has 403.6k followers on Twitter and 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

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