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Danny Duncan

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Quick Facts of  Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan
Date of Birth:
Birth Place:
Englewood, Florida
Mother Name:
Ranney Nash
Father Name:
Ericson Nash
Net Worth:
$4.5 million
Marital Status:
Social Media of : Danny Duncan
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A rising YouTube star, actor, musician, comedian, and social media personality at the moment is Danny Duncan. This comedian, actor, musician, YouTube star, content creator, and social media personality's bio has been explored in detail.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

Danny Duncan was conceived in Englewood, Florida, on July 27, 1992. His mother and father aren't together. Mathew is Danny's brother and sister. Garry Winthrope is another name for Danny. Danny completed his education at Lemon Bay High. Since that school is also located in Englewood, Florida, Danny attended school there.

His mother and father of Danny are no longer married. Matthew is Danny's brother, and he also has a sister. He comes from an impoverished household. The challenges faced by her mother really inspired Danny. The difficulties her mother encountered in raising Danny motivated Danny to put in more effort and launch his channel significantly. He used the money he made from YouTube to buy his mum a new home.


Danny Duncan began working at Walgreens after receiving his high school diploma, but he left after a few months because he didn't enjoy it. On March 6, 2014, he launched his YouTube channel and started posting videos about skateboarding or how to repair ankle problems.

Since March 6, 2014, Danny has been working toward his goal of becoming a popular YouTuber. As a result, he developed a fascination with video content and began producing it. His early films focused mostly on skating and treating various ankle ailments. After becoming well-known for his videos, he then introduced his line of products.

Since he has always been close to his family, Danny Duncan has included them in his prank videos. In the video "Surprising My Sister With A New Automobile!" he drowns his sister's old car. To surprise her sister with a new car was done. One of his well-known hits was this video. His eyes are rich black and he has lovely dark brown hair. He wears size 9 shoes. He has a charming demeanor and is tall.


Even his ambition to become a musician was realized on his first "Virginity Rocks" tour. Later, he performed on stage frequently in Chicago, New York, and Nashville. His death was rumored to have occurred. He later clarified, though, that it was someone else with the same name and not him.

Additionally, he has goods that were released in 2017 under his brand name. Virginity is awesome. On July 13, 2018, Danny embarked on his first-ever "Virginity Rocks" tour, which began in Los Angeles and traveled across the country. The tour, which also included stops in Dallas, Nashville, and New York, came to a finale on August 2 in Chicago.

Networth and Personal Life

Danny Duncan currently has a net worth of over 4.5 million USD. The monetization of YouTube accounts for the majority of his income. He also makes money off of his celebrity by selling goods. Additionally, he participates in numerous paid sponsorships and other brand endorsements.

Danny Duncan's girlfriend is not mentioned, and it appears that he is not dating anyone right now. He does not divulge or hide his romantic life from his fans.

Danny Duncan’s Controversies

Social media fame frequently comes with flaws, and Danny Duncan is no stranger to them. He posted a video of Danny building a pool on the back of his pickup truck and driving it down the freeway; Danny was arrested for endangering both his personal safety and the safety of other drivers.

He once upset people by giving his mother a huge penis-shaped mailbox, but it was just a joke. After publishing the video "Real PROOF FouseyTube is Fake!" he also infuriated YouTuber FouseyTube. He revealed that FouseyTube's pranks were orchestrated and not spontaneous in "Actor Speaks Out!".

Body Measurement

Celebrities' physical attributes show their beauty. Fans follow an idol's physical appearance, including height, weight, and even haircut. Concerned about it, actually. Danny Duncan stands 173 cm tall. The item weighs 68 kg. The most recent weight is available here. The weight fluctuates from time to time. The eyes are blue in color. Similarly, the hair color is Light Brown.

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