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Connor Joyce

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Quick Facts of  Connor Joyce
Connor Joyce
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Pennsylvania, the USA
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Connor Joyce is a famous American YouTube content creator, Instagram influencer, and Tik Tok star. On his cxnnorjoyce Tik Tok account, he is well-known for his point-of-view style videos, dancing, and lip-sync performances. He has already achieved enormous fame at a young age.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

On May 10, 2007, Connor was conceived. He was born in Pennsylvania, United States. He has American citizenship and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

His parents' identities and the specifics of his upbringing are unclear. Mason, Tyler, Kevin, Robbie, Alexis, Anna, and Livia are his seven siblings. He used to participate in gymnastics but stopped after his ankle became injured.

Joyce, Connor, has been enrolled in homeschooling. And there is no additional information regarding his education.


When Connor first got into music (now TikTok), he posted a variety of videos. And in a short time, he rose to prominence on Tik Tok, where he currently has more than 416K followers. According to the fad, he posts various dancing, reaction, and fun videos.

More than 900,000 people watched his TikTok on Larry's popular song "Cancelled," which went viral. He engaged in an Omegle conversation with Zoe LaVerne in one of his earlier videos. He additionally cooperated with other tik-tokers.

He most likely started his named YouTube account on December 25, 2015. On his channel, he frequently uploads various comedic, reaction, and vlog videos. Most likely, he produced various vlogs with his brothers and pals.

Within a few weeks of its upload, Connor's first YouTube video, "How to make a simple photo edit on Video Star," had more than 95K views.

His other videos, including "Room Tour," "Reacting to Fan Edits," "Q&A," "ASMR in the Mall," "Mal Vlog," and others, are probably being discussed. And in October 2020, he wrote a message titled "I'm back" after a year.


He is young and has become well-known on social media. However, he must also be making some money from it, even though his current net worth is being examined.

Relationship Status

There are rumors that Connor is seeing Zoe Laverne romantically. A 19-year-old internet sensation is named Zoe.

They routinely show up in his videos on TikTok. After a video of Connor kissing Zoe went viral, there were rumors that the two were dating. However, they haven't formally announced any news.

In their posts, they both refer to the other as their best buddy. Out of everything, we may conclude that Connor is now unmarried or maybe keeping his relationships secret from the media.

Body Measurement and Social Media

He weighs 45 kilograms and has a height of 5 feet, 3 inches. He is only 13 years old, therefore his height and weight should be altering as he gets older. He has light brown eyes and blue-colored hair, to mention a few of his physical characteristics.

Connor has about 500 followers on Twitter and more than 90K followers on Instagram. On his TikTok account, the celebrity has 417K followers and more than 10 M likes. Additionally, he also has a YouTube channel with the same name that has about 8.5K subscribers.

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