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Chase Matthew

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Quick Facts of  Chase Matthew
Chase Matthew
Date of Birth:
Birth Place:
San Francisco, California
Net Worth:
$2.2 million
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Social Media of : Chase Matthew
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Young American social media star Chase Matthew is from the US. The "Our Family Nest" and "Chase and Asha" YouTube channels are maintained by YouTuber Chase Matthew.

Early Lifestyle and Childhood

An 18-year-old male named Chase Matthew was born on November 25, 2002. Chase Matthew is a Sagittarius who is also a native of Michigan. His surname is Grzegorczyk. Chase's parents are Kenneth and Candi Reese Grzegorczyk. Two of his brothers are named Blake and Andrew. His other sibling is Karli, a two-year-old.

Additionally, Chase attends Bedford Junior High School. He takes part in their football and wrestling squads as well. Athletic accomplishments seem to be highly valued in Chase's family because Blake plays football for Bedford High School and Andrew played football for his high school.


The social media personality is what Chase Matthew does for a living. One of the main characters in the well-liked YouTube show "Our Family Nest" is Chase. He makes an appearance in the videos on the channel along with his family of six. Furthermore, the YouTube channel has more than 1.1 million subscribers. In 2012, Chase and his family also started making unforeseen movies. In October 2014, they started posting every day. Challenge videos are Chase and his sister Karli's go-to creations. The YouTube channel "Our Family Nest" is co-hosted by Chase and his younger sister Karli Reese.

The Chase family launched their YouTube account on October 29, 2009. After releasing sporadic videos since December 2011, they started producing daily vlogs in 2014. Chase's family has uploaded a total of 2354 videos as of the day that this biography was written in November 2020. In the very first video the family ever published, nine-year-old Chase enthusiastically and flamboyantly explains the purpose of the channel with Karli's assistance.


Surprisingly, despite being active on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in addition to the family channel, Chase only seems to have an Instagram account, unlike the rest of his brothers. On his blog, he focuses primarily on his education and friends. Chase and Karli took part in the "Charlie Charlie Pencil Game Challenge" on May 29, 2015, and "Our Family Nest" shared a video of it. It had a hilarious ending. It is currently the most watched video on the channel with over 12 million views and climbing.

Another video in which Chase and Karli show off their brand-new hoverboards has 5.7 million views as of November 2020 and is still growing.

Networth and Personal Life

There is no information provided regarding Chase Matthew's net worth or income. Despite this, he, his family, and their combined assets total $2.2 million.

Asha Zapf and Chase Matthew have a relationship. Chase and Asha have been dating since 2016. Asha has also frequently appeared on the YouTube and Instagram accounts of Chase's relatives. Chase doesn't have a Tiktok account, but Asha does, and she routinely uses him in her movies.

The adorable couple runs a YouTube channel called "Chase and Asha." On this channel, the lovers post vlogs, practical jokes, challenges, and other couple-related entertainment. Additionally, on November 19, 2020, the couple posted a single video to their YouTube channel titled GET TO KNOW US Q&A moving in together, how we met, how long we've been dating + more! This video has more than 40k views just four days after it was posted.

Body Measurement

Chase Matthew weighs 61 kg and is roughly 1.67 meters tall. Chase has a few more years until he reaches his full potential as a teenager. His physical measurements might change for a few more years as a result. Chase is a young man with blue eyes and light brown hair.

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